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Vivarium Electronics T5 HO light fixture with reflector for 34" T5 HO Bulbs such as the Arcadia T5 HO UVB Bulbs. 39 Watt. 6400K/2730 LM bulb, mounting clips and roll on/off switch built into power cord included.

Now includes the jumper wire to connect up to 8 fixtures!

These fixtures also sit on top of screen cages/Screen covers quite well!

Bulb included with this fixture IS NOT UVB
UVB bulb sold seperately.

*Please be sure to order 34" T5 bulbs for this fixture- These HO fixtures will NOT work with T8 bulbs

*For maximum fixture life always attach power cords to fixture BEFORE plugging into the wall***

T5 HO Single Bulb Light Strip - 36"

SKU: 36" light fixture


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